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Parents at AGC

At the Academy for Global Citizenship, we honor and recognize that parents are their child’s first teachers and we must partner with parents in their chilld’s education. To foster deep investment in the success of our students we encourage families to play an active role in the life of the school.

  • “AGC’s organic food program has changed our eating habits at home! We are now cooking with different vegetables that we had never tasted before. Seth is more aware of the environment and is constantly wondering about what is good or bad for the earth.”

    — Uzziel & Mirza Gonzalez, AGC Parents (Seth is in 7th grade)
  • “AGC has changed the way we think about food and nutrition. Leila takes more time to appreciate our natural world. She has learned how to approach life with a positive image as the IB program has influenced her mind, body and soul.”

    — Leticia Meza, Mother (Leila is in 4th grade)
  • “At AGC, Maximiliano is receiving the fundamental building blocks for becoming a culturally-versed, creative, engaged, passionate, socially and environmentally conscious, imaginative and critical thinker.”

    — Andrew Kudelka, AGC Father (Maximiliano is in 4th grade)
  • “Kaimana is learning another language at AGC and is discovering more the world in which we live. I love this school!”

    — Tyfannie Beluso, AGC Mother (Kaimana is in 7th grade)
  • “I see my child making better choices in life. Nino has become aware of his surroundings and the environment more that I could have ever imagined possible. It is my hope that he carries these lessons throughout his life.”

    — Enrique & Guadalupe Ruiz, AGC Parents (Nino is in 7th grade)

Home-School Communication

AGC employs a variety of communication strategies. In addition to holding two parent teacher conferences and an annual “Parent University” orientation event, frequent progress reports and report cards are distributed to keep families regularly informed of student progress towards learning goals. Our parent portal serves as a hub of information, with calendars, classroom-specific communications, announcements from the office, and school news. We also welcome families to participate in education events such as the Taste of AGC and IB Exhibition Night. These all serve as a way for families to become engaged in what their students are learning at school. 

AGC Community Council

AGC Community Council, an elected group of parents and teachers, provides an opportunity for all members of our community to participate actively in supporting and promoting the mission of the Academy for Global Citizenship. Their invaluable work includes the planning of mission-related events, organizing fundraisers, and running school activities. Parent Board leaders are elected each year.

Parent Feedback Resolution Process

Partnership with families is a core pillar of our school and an essential element to your student’s success in school. Current parents if you’d like to find out more about how you can get involved at AGC or if you’d like to provide feedback to our leadership team, feel free to call 773.582.1100 or contact K-2nd Principal Saskia Rombouts ( or 3-8th Principal Berenice Salas ( Alternatively, you can connect with parent representatives on the AGC Community Council. From there, feedback will be communicated to the Principals and AGC leadership team and they will respond with updates to your feedback.

We also know conflict will arise during the school year. As partners, we are responsible for modeling healthy and positive conflict resolution processes. We want to hear your concerns and also to resolve those concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you have a specific concern, please do not hesitate to reach out by following the procedure below: 

Step 1:  Talk to the Involved Staff  Member 

If you have a concern about an interaction between your child and another child at AGC, please contact the teacher/advisor or the staff member who has the most context related to the specific incident. We expect AGC families to show honor by avoiding direct confrontation with AGC students. If you have a concern about a teacher or another staff member at AGC,  please contact that person to request a phone call from or an in-person meeting with that staff member. Whenever possible, we encourage parents to speak directly with staff members to resolve concerns. We call this the “Go to the source” approach.  If you do not have a AGC staff member’s contact information, please call the main office at (773) 582-1100 to obtain it. 

Step 2: Notify School Leadership of the Issue 

If you are unable to successfully resolve your concern after speaking with the involved staff member, please request a meeting with a member of our Leadership Team by contacting them directly. Please be sure to provide a brief summary of your concern as well as your availability for a follow-up meeting. Our Leadership Team will respond and follow-up in a timely manner. Please note that in-person meetings generally cannot be accommodated without advance notice and scheduling. 

Step 3: Contact the Executive Director

In all CPS schools, parents, guardians, or community members should first attempt to address their concerns with the established leadership within the school. However, in the event you are unable to resolve your concern after following the procedure above, please contact our Executive Director, Sarah Elizabeth Ippel at While our school is a part of CPS, we have our own Executive Director who handles concerns related to our school.

Step 4: Contact the Office of Innovation and  Incubation

If your questions or concerns are not adequately resolved by Leadership Team or the Executive Director, please contact the Office of Innovation and Incubation at 773-553-1530


Mental Health Information Page

Public Act 102-0134 requires that each school district post a link to contact information for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the Crisis Text Line. If you are looking for more information, please refer to these Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources.

Family Volunteer Opportunities

To foster collaboration between home and school, AGC asks families to volunteer at least 20 hours of their time each school year. Opportunities for volunteering include:


The Academy for Global Citizenship’s families can access important classroom information, events, and news through our parent portal by clicking here.