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Environmental Stewardship at AGC

Environmental sustainability roots AGC’s education in the natural world. We believe that learning in harmony with nature provides opportunities to understand the relevance of our education. Learning from natural processes is a powerful vehicle for teaching our students about the connection between their everyday choices and the health of the community, the environment, and themselves.

  • Green Classrooms

    In addition to classroom jobs ranging from the botanist, recycling director and vermi-compost bin manager, students learn in an environment that comprehensively mirrors our mission of sustainability in addition to a facility cleaned by Green Seal Certified products.

  • Curriculum Integration

    In an effort to prepare AGC’s students to make decisions that benefit themselves, the planet, and future generations, Environmental Sustainability Education is imbedded within our curriculum, guides our daily practices and is glowingly evident throughout our school culture.

  • Renewable Energy

    For AGC’s students, renewable energy is not a dream of the future; it is a reality of their everyday. Students track on-site solar energy production while a demonstration wind turbine punctuates the playground as we work toward a net-positive energy campus.

  • Sustainable Operations

    Recycling and composting stations are consistently present throughout our building. Indoor worm bins and outdoor earth machines are used to provide nutrient rich soil for the schoolyard garden. Through reusable products and composting, AGC runs a zero-waste food program.

  • Garden & Chickens

    AGC’s schoolyard garden and chickens have created opportunities for children to discover fresh organic food, become better stewards of the earth, and develop the self-confidence, discipline, and skills in collaborating with others both locally and globally.

  • Positive Nutrition

    Organic, scratch-made, nutritionally balanced and locally sourced meals highlight AGC’s innovation and commitment to sustainability and raising healthy students, while providing children with knowledge that enhances their educational experience by encouraging mindful eating.