Volunteering & Engagement Opportunities

At AGC, volunteers play a pivotal role that extends beyond mere assistance. They are invaluable partners that bring a unique blend of knowledge and diverse talents to the forefront. Volunteers often bring diverse backgrounds and perspectives that contribute to a more inclusive and culturally rich learning environment, which strengthens our learning environment. 

At AGC, there are different ways to volunteer, which may include:

  • Sharing your experiences as guest speakers for units of inquiry

  • Chaperoning on learning field trips

  • Take-home projects to support teachers

  • Read a book in your child’s classroom

  • Supporting during breakfast and lunch

  • Providing office support

  • One-time special projects

To learn more about AGC’s volunteering opportunities, please contact Juan Avalos (javalos@agcchicago.org). Regular volunteers need to complete an orientation session and a background check.

To sign up as a volunteer, complete this interest form. We will get back to you with next steps.

Alumni Volunteers: Alumni are particularly encouraged to volunteer in our school community. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Juan Avalos (javalos@agcchicago.org).