AGC invites multiple points of view and voices to strive towards meaningful sustainable practices at our school. Our curriculum, culture and campus operations use an environmental justice lens to build an equitable future for our students and community.

The community hub that houses AGC includes green infrastructure that makes it unique in all of North America. Through the use of solar power, geothermal wells, refurbished building materials, grey water catchment, structural insulation, a sustainable vegetable farm, nature pathways, community gardens, compost, recycling and intentional architectural design we reduce the usage of critical resources like water, opt out of the use of fossil fuels and achieve net positive energy production.

Students at AGC play an important role in the sustainability program by investigating, designing and taking action on the most pressing environmental and community health issues of our time. In the PreK-5th grade curriculum students participate in a weekly dedicated Sustainability and Culinary Garden course to build their understanding and skills in the garden, kitchen, and community. Middle School students at AGC build on these foundational skills and ideas in the Sustainable Design course where they practice actions for positive personal and community impact.

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Sustainable Practices at AGC include:

  • Composting

  • Recycling

  • Reusing

  • Refurbished furniture and materials

  • Use of biodegradable cleaning supplies

  • Caring for our plants to ensure air quality

  • Using reusable water bottles, plates and utensils

  • Avoiding single use plastic like straws or balloons

  • Avoiding harmful materials like styrofoam

  • Units that include environmental justice items and actions

  • Teaching appreciation for nature and the planet