Pon Angara

Strategic Advisory Council Member

Pon Angara is Director of Barkada Circle®, a team of artists mentoring nonprofits on how to tell more compelling stories about their missions. Pon helps leaders use the narrative approach to problem solving for sparking conversations, building community and launching initiatives that create impact. He has delivered keynotes and workshops on the power of storytelling at several association conferences and foundation seminars.

Since he began working with nonprofits, Pon saw gaps and inequities in America’s education system. When he was introduced to the Academy for Global Citizenship during its early development, Pon realized that the school would be the beacon and catalyst for the transformation and innovation needed to build a new ecosystem for learning. He helped to create AGC’s brand and served on the Board of Directors in 2005–2007.

Barkada is a word in the Filipino language that means “best friends.” When he’s not working with stories, Pon searches for his next great foodie find! He’s always ready to take you to the best Filipino restaurants in Chicago.