Trung Le

AGC Board Member

In a fateful meeting with AGC's Founder at a design conference nearly twenty years ago, Le recalls "AGC had me at hello". Since then, Le's passion to contribute to our community's north star has only grown. This connection is both personal and professional, driving him to align my efforts with AGC's goals and vision. Le remain committed to supporting and advancing the regenerative spirit that propels our community forward. 

Le loves that AGC embraces every challenge with courage and audacity. This spirit is codified in the DNA of AGC and within the community it serves.

Le founded 180 Studio in 2018, a design studio at the forefront of transforming educational environments. With a career spanning over three decades in architecture, he has been a driving force behind innovative educational design, gaining recognition in notable publications like Architectural Record and Edutopia. His contribution as a co-author of "The Third Teacher" alongside Bruce Mau, and his role as a contributor for Fast Company and speaker at international forums, highlight his commitment to amplifying learning through design.

Epic Decade is a strategy-design-build future lab. In 2023, Le joined Epic Decade to lead the Future Communities Practice with the goal of catalyzing how architecture can innovate and thrive when paired with a unique platform of interdisciplinary visionaries across some of the world’s most influential corporations and institutions of learning. Le brings 30 years of experience working in the private and international school landscape. His career is marked by award-winning educational projects that reflect his deep-seated passion for improving the world through design.