Berenice Salas Rangel

Upper School Principal (Grades 4-8)

Berenice Salas is very enthusiastic to be Upper School Principal of the Academy for Global Citizenship. Her career goal has always been to work in education on Chicago’s Southwest side in her own comunidad. In 2004, she backpacked through Southern Mexico and Guatemala to explore the Mayan Ruins and learn about the Zapatista’s indigenous movement. There, she gained knowledge of their multilingual schools, sustainable agriculture, accessible water, and, overall, the power of collective impact.

During her time at AGC, Berenice has served as a teacher, culture and community coordinator, and coach. Berenice was honored as a finalist for the Golden Apple award for excellence in education in 2017.


B.A. in Elementary Education, University of Illinois at Chicago
MA, Educational Administration, School Leadership Principal
Concordia University