Mayrela Cordero

Office Manager

Growing up in Chicago, but often visiting her birthplace of Mexico, Mayrela’s childhood was a tapestry of outdoor adventures, playing amidst the natural beauty and caring for plants and chickens. At AGC, she finds a connection to her roots when witnessing children engage in similar activities, sparking nostalgic memories of her own carefree days. Beyond her managerial role, Mayrela is a passionate freelance photographer, having honed her photography skills while traveling the diverse landscapes of Mexico and the USA. Her goal is ambitious yet inspiring – to capture the beauty of every corner of the world through her lens. In her cherished spare moments, Mayrela is a devoted mother who finds joy in reading to her children and instilling in them a love for learning and a spirit of adventure. Whether sharing stories on the deck, telling family stories, or embarking on exploratory journeys, Mayrela fosters an environment that encourages her children to embrace risks, explore the world, and cherish the richness of life.

Certified CNA, Chicago