Cultivate Collective (Cultivo colectivo)

Cultivate Collective es un modelo nacional para la revitalización comunitaria holística que une la educación, el bienestar, la sostenibilidad y la vitalidad económica para crear un futuro resiliente, equitativo y vibrante para todos. Ubicado dentro del centro de la comunidad de vivienda pública de LeClaire Courts, Cultivate busca proporcionar un modelo integrador y basado en evidencia para abordar la desigualdad sistémica brindando atención médica, acceso a alimentos frescos, jardines comunitarios, espacios de juego basados ​​en la naturaleza, senderos para caminar en el vecindario, servicios vitales. servicios, educación infantil integral y programación de bienestar.

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Our Campus

  • Leading up to this moment, AGC has not only been focused on helping its Chicago area students create lives full of possibility, but also has reached 5 million students in multiple states and countries by sharing our work openly and encouraging replication of our model. We are now poised to invigorate the AGC mission on a visionary new campus which will be completed in the summer of 2023. Experts from all over the world helped us reimagine the nexus between inspirational learning and healthy communities, and we have attracted a $31 million capital commitment from the State of Illinois.

  • The new AGC learning hub is one of the most architecturally ambitious projects in the U.S. today and is paving the way for reimagining the role of “school” and learning environments in cultivating the next generation of globally and environmentally minded leaders. AGC’s new learning hub will provide critically needed access to tuition-free early childhood learning, high quality K-8 public education, health care and mental health services, community wellness facilities and programming, neighborhood gardens and green spaces, and a fresh foods market featuring produce from the campus three-acre urban farm, food forest, orchard, apiary, and greenhouses. A variety of sustainable technologies and innovative learning environments, including STEM labs, tinkering studios and maker spaces, will allow educators to reimagine experiential and real-world learning.