Judy Martinez-Faye

AGC Board Member

As a lifelong Chicagoan and Latina, Judy intimately understands the challenges faced by many young Latino students who often find themselves having to pave their own educational path. What resonates most with her about AGC is the commitment to nurturing ideas and empowering students to experience firsthand the impact of their actions. Judy firmly believes in the power of experiential learning; for her, it's the most effective way to absorb knowledge. Moreover, she deeply appreciates the school's dedication to sustainability and fostering future innovation. Judy believes that we all share a responsibility to act as stewards of our precious Earth, as it's the foundation of our well-being—mind, body, and spirit.

Having been born on Chicago’s Southwest Side, Judy is passionate about serving as a role model for Latino students, empowering women, and eliminating racism. She is committed to empowering Latino students to be authentic and focus on their personal value to fulfill AGC’s mission of igniting a movement for a better world.

Judy is the Head of State & Local Government Affairs at Siemens. With 26 years of combined corporate and public sector experience, Judy  stands out for her ability to translate innovative concepts into actionable strategies, particularly within smart city infrastructure development. Having spent almost equal time in both sectors, Judy brings a well-rounded perspective to her role, understanding the nuances of success in each realm. In her role at Siemens, she collaborates closely with government leaders to implement comprehensive solutions. Drawing from her extensive background as a former operational executive for the City of Chicago, where she led its Procurement and Facilities Departments, Judy possesses a wealth of insider knowledge. Her prowess in business development, operations, and law is evident through her success in navigating complex bid proposals and contract negotiations, earning recognition as a top-performing Regional Account Manager in the State & Local Government Vertical Market.

Driven by a commitment to continuous growth, Judy has pursued executive leadership programs and attained a certificate in digitalization strategy from INSEAD Graduate Business School and in Key Account Management from Siemens.

Beyond her professional endeavors, she channels her passion for health and fitness into mentoring students and empowering women. In addition to her Board role with AGC, Judy also enjoys contributing her legal expertise to the Administer Justice Program.