Brent Hawkins

Strategic Advisory Council Member

Brent played an instrumental role in the founding of the Academy for Global Citizenship and was a member of the Founding Board of Directors. He spent most of his childhood on Chicago’s south side with a family that emphasized educational vigor. He understands that supportive role models who encourage and enhance a youth’s personal and educational experiences can be essential contributors to a successful future. Having spent several years of his youth in Latin America and having attended an International Baccalaureate school, Brent understands the value of developing a global perspective at a very young age. As such, Brent is passionate about dedicating resources to develop a diverse and well-rounded educational foundation for Chicago’s youth.

As an attorney and current Partner at Morgan Lewis law firm, Brent has more than 20 years of experience litigating intellectual property and other complex commercial disputes for clients in jurisdictions throughout the United States. Throughout his career, Brent has served as lead counsel in numerous patent, trademark, copyright, and complex commercial licensing litigations. Brent has experience across a variety of sectors and industries, with a particular focus on the technology, automotive, fintech, and consumer product sectors.