Ben Kovler

Finance Advisor

Ben Kovler is the Chief Investment Officer for Kovpak II, LLC, an investment partnership company. In addition to his various investment management roles, Ben is co-founder and CEO of Invest For Kids (IFK), an annual forum that allows portfolio managers, family offices, private investors and analysts to collaborate and share investment ideas to benefit children in Illinois. In its first seven years, Invest For Kids generated more than $8,500,000 to benefit more than thirty-three youth organizations that have helped 85,000 children. As a former math teacher, he also authored the book, Fundrum My Conundrum: A Book of Riddles. Ben earned a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy, politics and economics from Pomona College and an M.B.A. in accounting and finance from The University of Chicago. Ben and his wife, Amy, enjoy living in Chicago with their two children.

MBA, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
BA, Philosophy, Politics & Economics, Pomona College